- Brume


Brume is the latest moniker of Munich based artist Florian Holzmann. After indulging his teenage years in the local indie scene with his band Dave a Marat and other projects, the now 27 year old German took some time off to nd his own musical voice. In side projects such as Endless, he began to replace the catchy guitar chords and drum rhythms for synthesizers and hypnotic loops. It took a long time for him to become musically active again, but what Florian Holzmann is now putting forward as Brume is well worth the wait.While some of his earlier in uences can still be found in his Foals-like guitar arrangements, he now presents himself a lot more introverted and melancholic. Taking inspiration from prominent gures in the neo-classic movement such as Nils Frahm or Olafur Arnalds and minimalistic electronic artist like Mount Kimbie, the guiding theme for his Brume project is all about taking something seemingly simple and transforming it into something more. Whether it is through thoughtful arrangements, rich analog soundscapes, or subtle build-ups, Brume wants to stir an emotional response in its listeners. For the artist, this intention is not something he wants to force on his audience but rather his way of sharing is personal approach to music. From the warmth of his earliest memories of making music with his late grand father to the strong aversion of being pressured into learning and practicing the accordion in school: his connection to music is above all an emotional one.