- Breaking The House


Breaking The House has a mission, and that mission is to break the house plain and simple. Formatting this remarkable project is Ronen Dahan and Mason White a smashing duo from Sweden, Stockholm that doesn't stop or play by any rules. Both, Ronen Dahan and Mason White comes from a wide musical experience producing electronic music since it’s time has started, responsible for numerous massive hits in the EDM, bringing with them a unique style of music that only can be described by dancing.Ronen Dahan is set to take electronic music out of the limitations of the global underground, where he has been a worldwide success for the past decade. With ten successful electronic albums released and distributed worldwide, several world tours, and his uncontrollable ability to keep several thousands of people dancing for hours, his signature sound of dirty sounds and sexy bass is getting a lot of attention.Mason White a French-Swedish DJ and producer immersed himself into the electronic music scene in which he started his journey after it caught his heart at age 11, and he never let go. Mason is working in his state of the art studio in Stockholm together with Ronen Dahan to produce tracks around the world and producing for and with big names. With a blend of a variety of sounds Mason has established himself in not only Stockholm but across the world.