- Breaka


Charlie Baker was born and raised in London and trained as a drummer before assuming the Breaka alias in 2014. His unique musical style focusses on the percussive techniques of jazz and samba, playing with convention whilst forging boundaries between the lines of jungle, footwork and techno.Joining the likes of EQ why, Traxman and Jalen, Breaka had his first release ‘Parallels and Breaks’ signed to Leeds’ Goodstreet Records. He followed this with a highly anticipated and well received ‘Express Your Groove’ EP on London’s Modern Ruin Records.Breaka’s 2018 releases showcase his progression to best effect. Experimentation with footwork and Jungle have lead him to pursue new styles, slowing down to a club oriented and old school breakbeat sound, delving into UK bass and Techno. ‘Rory’s theme’ – on London’s Holding Hands records - has seen support from DJs such as Avalon Emerson, Call Super, Éclair Fifi and Midland and has been described as a ‘beautiful slice of foundation style breaks’. Whereas, Milan’s Beat Machine Records released ‘Damn Hot’. It sticks closer to his previous hyperactive sound and has garnered support from The Librarian and Fracture.While Breaka’s productions are heard at clubs across the globe, they were built for parties in the UK’s North. Heavily inspired by the Leeds underground scene, Breaka has also found a place behind the decks and makes frequent appearances on radio stations such as KMAH, Reprazent and NTS.