- Brandon Morales


Nuyorican Jamaican, born & bred in Brooklyn; DJ BrandonMorales is carrying on the legacy into which he was born;the DJ Diamond Life.As a precocious child, he began blending beats & vocals atage 11, on wax in true school fashion; with a Urei 1620Rotary Mixer & pair of Technics sl1200’s under the tutelageof his father; superstar DJ, revolutionary remixer andGrammy award winning record producer.Based in South Florida, this next generation of House hashoned his prowess to innovatively, smoothly and soulfullymix groovy dance music, which quickly became hisrecognizable DJ style in the Miami underground club scene.During WMC 2012, Brandon spun a wicked collection ofcutting edge tunes opening up and setting the tone for theDef-Mix - Godfathers of House Descend Gala for thepacked capacity crowd for legendary DJ’s Frankie Knuckles,Hector Romero and his dad, David Morales. Currently,Brandon is honing his avant-garde recording skills creatinghybrid versions of dance music; submitting remixes andproducing grooves.