- Boya Chile


BOYA CHILE is a project of two producers: Rafal Malicki and Michal Michalak. Their clubbing productions are popular on the world’s dancefloors. In many compositions of Boya Chile you can hear fantastic vocal of Monika Glebowicz ( Mosqitoo). Rafal Malicki is a popular Polish producer and instrumentalist. He is a leader of Mosqitoo band . He published three albums with Moqitoo and was awarded repeatedly (e.g. Superjedynka in Opole Festival). Rafal’s productions were used on the soundtracks movies and commercials (e.g. advertising campaign of “Joy” magazine, “Crunchips”, soundtrack to a movie “Francuski Numer”, “Idealny Facet Dla Mojej Dziewczyny”, “Galerianki”). Rafal makes his productions for the other artists (Marina, Dziun), too. Michal Michalak is a DJ with long-term experience. His sets are very popular in many important Polish clubs.