- Bounty


Flavio Schiavone aka Bounty was born in 1986 in southern Italy.At age 12 he began to study music and at 15 he bought his first dj console.With passion and dedication he started to move the first step in his hometown’s nightlife playing in local night clubs till 2006 when i moved to Riccione. T here he played in different clubs of the Riviera and became resident dj at “Wish”, well-known afterhour of Romagna, where he was able to express his attitude for “melodic” electronic music. In January 2013 he landed in Milan and enterd the Deepdrive the project, pushed by his dear friend Dario Maffia and together they founded “Deepdrive Music”, a young record label, which has released in a year dozens of tracks between remixes and original mixes.


Ibiza Workout Session - End of Summer 2014
Jthan, Andy Ztoned, Massimo Santucci, Sancho Briggs, Tonal Desires, The Sick Brain Brothers, Poediction, Trevor Jackson, Recast Dj's, Michael Krefeld, Visioneight, Sond3r, DJ Vivid, Alex Martinez, Mauro Cabron, B&P, Nockturn, Jinting, Cesar Glez, Elek3Life, Mick M Meij, D 'n' B Bros, Dj Sonus, Jon Thomas Project, Dario Synth, Chess, Darren & Vincent, No Limits Project, Danza, Daniel o'connell, Nianaro, Mordax Bastards, Anya Arfeeva, Romanto, La Yee, Ashley Slater, The STW Project, Roger Effe, DMS12, Londerlound, Kris Elexxound, The Italian Donkey, Jaysantana, Tricky P, Komate Inc., Michael Manteca, Kin3tek, Bounty, Andersoon DJ, Bobby Cunda, Destiny Couple, Manaster, Alberto Arrojo, ArtistDream, Promid, Oh Jay, Evan C, David Roxs, Dimane, Paul Dave, Digital Fracture, Maxfab, Abrami, Nathaniel DJ, John Arrec, Ausono, Jan Polacek, Crossfire, DJ Valveder, Mr. Ivson, Mizox, Lukass Edgar, Zikos B., Dan Vaxx, DJ Karko, Second Aura, Threestripes, Toby Noize, Ale Reya, 4stro, Serkan Cayanli, Nihat a.k.a. DJ Led, E-ross, Konrad M, Dubrenaline, Datzme, Andrew Ross, Nivanoise, Bobai, Lyro, Scape Eleven, Rave Agenda, Romak, Yigit Yaparel, Viper, Chippie, Sir Gio, Rogi, Ignacio Arfeli, DJ Samfeel, Crazytecko, Vyto, Sebastien Nox, Pilmat, S&g Dance Band, Vince Neel, Stereo House, Hynight, Stereoliner, Rob Estell, Bailee Mark, DJ Sakin, Calabria, Metro Audio, Xpert, Hella Donna, Tom Blackfield, Corg, Pumped Navigation, Marcos Grijo, Maxim Matveev, Sy'no, Simo Juhani, Dario Synth, Tha Boogie Bandit, Daniel O Connell, Aron Scott, The Little P, UDC, Max Laut, Jamerson Baseline, DJ Miss Ka-rine, Axel G, DANIEL LOMBARDO, Jon Thomas, D-Force, DJ Sunrise, Danny Cotrell, Zemoya, Mash-d, Nivanoise, Mejsi, Peet Crue, danilo just me nylez, Philip Larson, Loose Faces
Sportage Digital | 2014-10-05