- Bornjevski


Bornjevski is a Dutch composer and producer. After playing the guitar and playing in several bands for a long time, he slowly fell in love with electronic music at clubs and festivals across Europe. Around 2012 he decided to intensify his focus on producing electronic music. Soon he got noticed by record labels such as Eevonext and Body Condition. In Februari 2014, his first EP 'Introspective' was released on Eevonext Recordings, gaining support from Eelke Kleijn, Michel de Hey, Sean Deason, Navar and Animal Trainer. With his roots in acoustic music, Bornjevski has a great sense for evoking emotions and moods with his music. His sound can be described as melodic, warm and often with a melancholic touch. Not being part of any music scene, and not being married to any musical genre, his aim is to make timeless music with the right blend of melody, rhythm and emotional substance. Music that moves people, emotionally as well as physically.