- Borja Rodriqhilov


Borja Rodriqhilov is one of the youngest DJ Producer with an amazing projection from Spain. In 2012 it moves to live in Madrid, where he starts moving for some clubs of the city, The last year starts forming a part of " Fresh04 Agency " located in Madrid, having the opportunity to play in the best clubs of this city such as Fabrik, TheMiniClub ... and in clubs of cities like: Bilbao, León, Pontevedra, La Coruña and the latter season makes début in Ibiza. From a short time he is working as producer and he has published his creations in national and international labels, being able to work with artists of other countries. His style in the Dj-booth and in the studio is very personal, that always tries to look for the cheerful and dancing sounds for the dance floor, marking their sessions with a lot of grooving!. Today, Borja is co- owner of his own label "fresh04 Recordings".