- Booka & Deya


Dennis Booka and Tim Deya from Essen, Germany met in2009. Soon afterwards they decided to combine theirpassion for house music, producing and turntable spinning.It wasn’t long before clubs and bars throughout the Ruhrregion were booking them. They have deejayed in clubssuch as Gold,19-Down, EVE, Feel Vergnügen, Z itrus,Love&Hate Stadtkind, 136 Grad and they had a resident jobin PS in Essen. Booka & Deya’s musical style ischaracterized by the early beginnings of minimal techno,deep house and tech house. Thanks to a lucky coincidenceBooka & Deya were able to open a studio together in 2010.It enabled them to refine their sound in advance of their firstreleases. Their sound features a deep ambient vibe,melodious pumping basslines and hard-hitting drum beats.As a result of being on Soundcloud the136 GradRecordings label noticed them. Alongside releases on theEssen-based label ISENDIT and the New York labelMagnetized, Neal Porter & Dennis Booka collaborated withAnimal Trainer on Oliver Schories’ Label SOSO for their MeltE.P. Their personal style can be described as modern deeptech house.