- Bonsai (US)


Tim Glusko and Ryan Hubert--known together as the DJ/producer duo Bonsai--hail from opposite ends of the United States and have found their signature sound with ethereal, rhythms and melodies. Their united story started in 2016, when Tim and Ryan connected over a common passion for music that explores the progression of light to dark, invoking their roots of taboo techno basements of the Northeast and clandestine desert raves of the West Coast. Bonsai is the result of these diverse backgrounds combined with a common desire to share their creations with the world, ever-evolving into an entity all its own. Bonsai take listeners on a self-exploratory pilgrimage from the rolling waves of progressive house and into the vast, mysterious and formidable world of melodic dark techno. Recently, Bonsai's original music has been signed for upcoming EPs on Soul Button's Steyoyoke imprint and others to be disclosed later in 2019.