- Bonny & Clyde


Stefanie Frei & Dario De Siena, as Bonny & Clyde are called in real life, both hail from ‘beautiful Switzerland’, or to be more precise, from and around Zurich; both 26 years young & and only recently (2011) forming a DJ duet within the electronic dance scene. As the name suggests, Bonny & Clyde stand above all for love, honesty and the common goal of joint creation. And this holds true until today – forever reinventing themselves and on a quest to create something new, rather than treading exhausted grounds. Countless hours spent developing new creative chapters, not only in terms of musical discoveries but also in creating new connections within daily life with innovative modulations, lead to a new style. Their new sound thus comes along in a much more sensitive and intense way, combined with melodious, almost pop-like elements that go straight to the heart.