- Bondarev


Danil Bondarev born in 1991 in Russia, Volgograd city, (formal Stalingrad). Started his dj's career in 2006 when he heard James Zabiela's mix which influenced his future life significantly. In 2010 when he moved to St. Petersburg, which considered to be a capital city of electronic music in Russia at the moment, Danil changes his tastes and worldview cardinally.Further, year to year, his mixes sounds deeper and more melancholic. All the experience during 11 years of DJ's career, Bondarev realized in his very first releases in autumn 2017 on labels: Seven Villas [Pablo Bolivar], Crossings [Ampish], Parallel [Monkey Brothers]. Many respects and warm words from big artists for his first EP "Full Of Love" given him very strong motivation and true faith for himself and his whole life dream. Now, almost a year after the start of his new journey as a musician - Bondarev is one of the fastest growing producers in Saint Petersburg, Russia at the moment. Just for half of a year "Bondarev" signed more than 10 releases, which was released or will be released soon on well known record labels around the World.At the moment his music can be characterized as highly emotional, deep and melancholic journey with progressive and melodic atmosphere. Supported by DJ's and Musicians such as: Noir, YoKoO, Modd, Atish, Javier Orduña, Pablo Bolivar, Dousk, Dmitry Molosh, Quivver, Mariano Mellino, Ewan Rill, Adnan Jakubovic, Kasper Koman, Ejaz Ahamed, Sous Sol, Mihai Popoviciu, Sergey Sanchez, Magician on Duty, Parallells, Joem Mencke, SORÄ, Sander, Adam Nathan, Donaes, Niki Sadeki, Elias Dore, Milo Hafliger and many others.