Bombazine is a 24 year-old Italian-Argentinian Electronic Dance Music producer currently based in Melbourne, Australia.His passion for music started at a very early age. Back in 2003, Bombazine chose drums as his main instrument, and playing in different Punk and Glam Rock bands made him confident on stage.Years went by and his love for this art never stopped, so he looked for new ways to be in touch with it. At the age of 19 Bombazine began his DJ career by playing at local gigs and house parties. Influenced by styles like Melbourne Bounce and Dutch House he decided to expand his horizons and start producing his own tracks.Through his career, he used and tested his own unreleased productions in his sets, until 2017 when he decided to release them. The latest success for Bombazine is his track “Baila”, chosen as the “Track of the week” by TEAMMBL, an international group of electronic music lovers.Mixing his Ableton Live skills and his knowledge in percussion instruments, Bombazine creates a unique atmosphere in every track.