- Boatpeople Djs


Born in Mauritius in the early 80's, Ludo and Arno, known under the name of “the boatpeople djs” in the world of clubbing, stand out for their musical habits. Indeed, both adept of sound, from jazz to electronic music, the two wags suggest a range of "eclectrochic" which they alone have the secret. For ten years, the two brothers have mixed in many bars, clubs and festivals leading through it, in addition to gain some experience in the field of events. They also touched, by their music, a wide and loyal audience. With their fame acquired, they were able to make radio broadcasts and TV sets for the live mix, including a singer, a saxophonist and pianist. Their edits and mixes are usually very varied in style, where the term “eclectrochic” refers. Boatpeople djs once again proved their versatility by affecting video, sound and music productions, compiling, mastering, but also image creation ... to extend their talents. The Boat People DJs, naked like worms ....