- Blunted Force


Born 1980 in the beautiful City of Dresden/Germany, Bjoern aka. Blunted Force discovered his passion for good quality music early in his life after the german wall came down. The love for electronic music started in 1996, as he went with some friends to one of the early big technoraves in his hometown. There in between a few thousand wild dancing people, he had a mindblowing experience and the vision to start from this moment on his own electronic dancemusicproductions. First creations have been realized with early musicsoftware like Fasttracker II. Over the years, his own knowledge in sound-engineering, editing, and arranging the music, has grown steadily. With help of new softwaretechology and different studiohardware, he developed his own unique signature of modern Trance sound, that takes listeners into another world. Also he worked in close partnership with well-known international musicians and vocalists to produce a number of amazing tracks in successful cooperations around the globe. For example, he worked with singers like “YEM”, “Sopheary”, “Ilana Harkavy”, “Hannah Magenta” or the argentinian grammy nominated producer “Mariano Ballejos/Baiaz” – just to name a few. He started to play together with a good friend live on stage in 2003. Since that time, he played as DJ & Liveact in different important Techno locations in and around his own city and as closing act of the first peace-people-musicparade in “Dresden”. After all, since his beginning, he has produced eight of his own artist LP´s, numerous EP´s, as well as various remixes for other musicians and friends. His songs were often played in different international radioshows and featured as tracks of the month. Open-minded to special experiences and always pushing forward new musical horizons, Björn has also developed a progressive side project called "Liquid Progression”, and he drops massive beats in his two live act´s "Hinz & Kunz" (with Atomic Fu) and the “Techno vs Rock-Liveband” “Elektro Kosmonauten” . In 2011, the Frankfurt based well known dancelabel “Planet Bass Records” signed him as official artist.


Back In Time - 80 Tracks Handsup, Disco House, Bigroom, Electro House
Deadstar, Crew 7, Geeno Fabulous, Flash Brothers, Ray Burnz, Danky Cigale Project, Nogales, Matthew Tasa, Mykel Mars, Hannover House Mafia, Edun, Oscar Salguero, Tosch, Pablo Lago, Laura Elece, Ray Zery, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, Los Tiburones, DJ Sanny J, Miani, Soul Bros, DJ Saphire Project, DJ Freeg, Saymo K, Ron Ractive, Denise, Bros Project, Wavepuntcher, Sexual Energy, Mixwill, Gloria Gaybar, Portmann, Addario, Lucian Base, Eilah, Leon Shady, Pitch Black Gold, California Ave, Radunz & Leitner, Mauro Panello, Alex Greed, Alicia, Marc Reason, Trevor Jackson, Visioneight, Frankyeffe, Massimo Salustri, Matt O Neill, Denis Pfeiffer, Bardalimov, Vincent Dacosta, Ron Ewens, Jenny Johnston, Oldschool Boys, DJ Lightflyer, Deerockaz, Damon Paul, Oscar Yestera, Peter Reilly, Bootmasters, Drew Darcy, Disco Bangerz, Marc Fisher, Disco Knights, Alex Moreno, Marco Jule's, Jason Jaxx, N.i.c., Teknova, Rob Estell, Dj Report, Eric Tyrell, The Whiteliner, Natasha Burnett, Fitch N Stilo, John De Mark, Matan Caspi, Vansam, Euro Latin Beats, Out Of Blackout, Chad D, Srdjan Ilic, Mastro Deejay, Marco Battagliero, Javi Ortiz, Dontknower, House Rockers, Marco Van Erpen, Groove Kings, Benny White, Silent J, Axle, Crouzer, Frank Taurus, Rafa Romero, Kenta Noler, Francis Soul, Dayenna, Xisca, Cj Bomb, Naxwell, Guess Who, Aerotrancer, Mykel Mars, Electrophunk, Stephan F, Excessive Clubbers, Dancefloor Warning, DJ Sanny J, Crew 7, B Van E, Mauro Panello, Louis Bailar, Mellowave, DJ Neb, Blunted Force, Ewens, Smyth, DJ Ex-One, Vienna Electronica, Stereoliner, Colmo, Cristian Exploited, Mixline, Andrew Velo, Hill And Gordon, Nick Harvey, Jovial Joint, Christos Fourkis
Dance All Ways Digital | 2012-07-06