- Blaz Perus


Born in Slovenia in 1992, Blaz Perus started making short films, animations and artworks while going to high school. Everything started when he was fifteen and have discovered music production software and started to make music. Basic beat patterns and percussion tracks grew into fully accomplished productions after a lot of hard work and this lead to the first release in 2009 on one of the European most famous techno label Italo Business. From that point on he started regularly releasing music on various labels which resulted in more than 30 releases under his name and techno alias The Blaaaz and funk-techno project Funkdtech. Releases gained support of world’s biggest names like Dubfire, Umek, Roger Sanchez, PHTNM, Richard Dinsdale. In the late 2011 nothing felt the same anymore, tired of the typical repetitive music he stopped with releasing music and started to discover different kinds of music. Slower and more complex beats, organic and strange sounds and vocals quickly grew into him. He started to study music deeply – not just from engineering perspective, but everything from classic to the most underground electronic music – and just experimenting with sounds and recordings, now often resulting in slow and experimental spacy sound. Along the way in 2011 he started to play with the idea of his own platform for music and art. This idea first made the Soundhitectures mix series which is a monthly podcast by chosen artists. Now it’s organically sculpturing itself into the platform it was meant to be with various art and social projects and with the help of other great artists. In the summer of 2012 happened his first DJ gig, which put everything in fast forward as more and more support came from friends and new gigs started to come in. By that time he found enough motivation to start learning piano and integrating it into his own music. On the start of 2013 he was invited to join the Danza Macabra Records and now works there as an artist and helping with IT, web, design and video projects. Now mostly working on perfecting live performances and new original music, studying Computer and Information science and helping with the Danza Macabra Records projects. Not to forget, also working on to evolve the Soundhitectures further with his own vision and work. Online presence: http://www.facebook.com/BlazPerus.si http://soundcloud.com/blaz-perus http://twitter.com/BlazPerus