- Black Lanterns


Black Lanterns (BLKLNTRNS) is the collaboration between Flagstaff based duo, Andrew and William Jeweleye. Established in the shortening days of Summer 2011, Black Lanterns quickly became an unconventional departure into storytelling and space-holding soniscapes; betraying the conventions of EDM and carving out their niche reaching into the minds of all within earshot. Combining progressively inventive beats and carefully crafted synth and bass spaces with a cadre of traditional instruments, Black Lanterns' shine both in the studio and on stage. Improvisation dominates live performances which unfold and mutate moment to moment into swelling, colossal walls of sound that ebb away into the ether just as quickly as they came. Black Lanterns' back catalog consists of a four-part voyage of an unnamed protagonist as he struggles through his conscious reality and emerges in the pinnacle of his short time in the world; a metamorphosis of the spirit.