- Black Hertz


Black Hertz The producer from São Paulo, André Lima, is constantly studying and dedicating himself to electronic music for years, and has been building a beautiful story in his national career and great international feedbacks. In the view of lay people from the underground scene, it appears that it fell from a parachute, but instead the Black Hertz project did not graduate overnight, started searching for knowledge in 2007 and already has three official certificates by the authorized institution of the Steinberg in Brazil. Owner of Acid Mind Records in the year 2017 André comes with new ideas and a more mature sound, having with his debut EP of the label ACID MIND, international supports of artists that he has always admired, Maya Jane Coles, Sam Divine, Paco Osuna , Marco Carola, Hozho and others ... The Project is ready to surprise those who do not know it yet, and it is guaranteed fun for those who already know its sound.