- Biometrik


Biometrik is Oscar Robla, is a Spanish producer dj who lives in the north of Spain and who begins his career as a DJ in the late 80's, born collector and researcher of underground music and cult music that has undergone the passage through The different stages of evolution of electronic music practically from the beginning of the explosion of dj culture in the early 90's when trance goa techno music completely invaded the markets of this culture in the first half of the years 90 embarks on projects of music sales colliding with import music stores and national record labels such as Planet Music or Mad House in Madrid and in 1996 creates his own music store Intro Music importing musical genres in his region providing a variety Cultural importance in the area where he resides, after more than 25 years of experience and development of dj set by the discos m Ace of his area of residence is an experienced and recognized dj. In 2016 he creates his own record label Code Press Records.