- Bernard Jones


Bernard Jones' musical education started at the age of five, when his grandmother insisted on his classical training in piano. He studied percussion at The University of Missouri at the age of 15. At that time, he learned of the art of Deejaying through local DJs and first started professionally at 17 for a few local nightclubs. Bernard’s DJ style is not defined by any genre or event setting. A true turntablist and student of all music, he is able to seamlessly mix all types of music and always keep it danceable. As Bernard began writing several popular house records, his visibility and status as a DJ was accelerated. He began to write music and DJ full time, and was even nominated for a music award in the UK.Bernard's reputation and touring demands have grown quickly, he has become a regular in Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, New York City, St. Louis, San Francisco and everywhere in between. Bernard recently moved to Los Angeles, CA for a while after west coast bookings became a monthly occurrence and he felt the need to bring his talents to a larger audience. He continues to tour year-round with domestic and international dates, and more music projects and remixes are being released every month.