- Bern Gomez


Bern Gómez was born in Barcelona and started his music career at the tender age of 3 with the piano as main instrument. As teen he decides to unmark classical music and electronics became his speech. Dj and event promoter since 2008, he was only 18 years old when he started performing. His sessions let us enjoy from the strongest techno to the most in vanguard electronic music. He has played at Row 14 / eLRow Sunday Morning, BeCool, La Cova Forest Club, Privilege Barcelona (Barcelona Session Pic Nic), Voltech Wok (Mephisto), Insomnia (Souvenir Room Off and On), Tete's (L'Escala - Girona), Red Disco (Vinaròs - Castellón), Mama Mandawa, Sala Duba (Mataró), Evasion (Morning Session), Sala Gaudi (Riudoms - Tarragona), Le Bako Secret Club, Sala Instinto, Atic Barcelona, Bucaro (Session Alter Ego)....... as well as in numerous parties Plaisir Sabadell, Bars and private parties. From December 2010 he is highly involved as promoter, programmer and host for his own created Asdis Night Group. Asdis Night has been running parties in places such as The One (Sugar Barcelona), La Cova Forest Club, elRow Sunday Morning (Row Bar), Bucaro (Alter Ego), Mandawa, Club Duba (Mataró)... Bern Gómez has shared booth with artists as: Luciano Paco Osuna Maayan Nidam Marc Maya Raúl Mezcolanza De La Swing Jose Franco Aka Joseph Kophran