- Berkin Tetik


Berkin Tetik is a DJ and Music Producer. From a very early age music has been his one true passion. Born in Turkey, but grew up in and traveled all around the world, Berkin has experienced and discovered many different styles of music. This has given him the ability to be adaptable to whatever new genres and styles that arise within the industry. At age 9 he briefly started to play the piano, but as he discovered rock music in his early-teens he quickly found his calling for the guitar and the drums. Not long after - with the increasing popularity of Electronic music - he gained an interest towards electronic music production and DJing. Standing alongside well-known and talented DJs he quickly picked up the ability himself. In more recent years Berkin discovered yet another new joy - broadcasting live or pre-recorded shows in the radio industry. Since then Berkin joined several internet based and FM radios broadcasting his shows worldwide. Berkin strives to provide the perfect sense of joy, energy, and emotion in all of his musical productions and performances.