- Benjamin Eberenz


Since he was born, Benjamin Eberenz has been infected with music of all genres. He started his musical career with playing several instruments as well as different styles. From cello to drums and from folk music to DnB was almost all included.As a drummer he made the first step into nightlife supporting the live act “die Krankenpfleger”. He needed 18 years until he decided to make the next step into DJing and producing.His musical recipe is combines a main dish with a dessert. For the main dish he takes a heavy pumping bass line combined with spicy percussions, a few Tech House-elements agitated with some good old House music. Then he stirs this mix until it has blended a bit. Finally to achieve his main dish, he seasons it with some well known old box office hits. For dessert he serves always a “Bombe Surprise”.Green Velvet, Santiago Cortes, Alexander Kowalski, Sierra Sam, Fan Erhalder and Michael Flume are just a few well known acts he supported by rocking four decks.