- Benitto


Benitto, a young Czech DJ and producer, was born in 1987 in the second largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno. Because he comes from a family of musicians, music was his hobby since early childhood. He played keyboards for five years, at present occasionally strum on the ukulele. He likes to hear all musical genres, including classical music or rock. Like every young person he like visiting clubs, where he fell in love electronic music, especially in the genre of house. This genre can do incredible way to awake emotions. And this is Benitto‘s mission while playing at parties: Induce in people the joy of music and positive energy. House has this power. Apart from dance remixes of popular songs Benitto selects tracks that will make people dance and feel pleasing tunes with epic drops. These are typical trademarks for the increasingly popular subgenre - Progressive House, one of his favorites. Benitto‘s purpose is to awake the energy in all party-people and make them want to dance anytime, anywhere. Since 2012, Benitto begins with his own productions and creates their own songs in the genre Progressive House mixed with a bit of electro.