- Ben Moss


Ben Moss – German DJ and producer, musical soul-mate of no less than GOGO Music's own, Ralf GUM. When founded back in 2001, GOGO presented the source of Ben’s discographical career, and down to the present day he’s still closely affiliated with the label and its philosophy. Under his Benny Pecoraio guise Ben made a name for himself with productions and remixes on labels such as Jamie Lewis' Purple Music imprint, Seasons Limited, Hausbrigade, Paris based Jaffa Music, Shack, Barcoda, and of course GOGO Music. Ben’s greatest success to date was being on top of the Traxsource download charts with his remix contribution to ‘Little W. 12th St.’ by Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham. Moreover, joining forces with Ralf as ‘4 Ears’ unearthed ‘Can’t Be Without You’, which featured Ben’s stunning ‘Must Be Sax Dub’ and became another Top 10 release. His latest coup is the establishment of LOSS Audio, a digital label to give not only to himself but to all talented producers of quality house tracks a platform to be heared and recognized by a broad audience. As a DJ, Ben Moss doesn't necessarily commit himself to one single style. And why should one? Subtly chosen, a soulful live-instrumentated song can perfectly harmonize with a deep or even kind of techy track. Simply join one of Ben’s live gigs, and you'll immediately get the point. In a 'chameleon way' Ben is capable to adapt to the ambience of the respective evening, but at the same time without making any compromise concerning his very own definition of good sounding music. Feel free to take a listen to the weekly GOGO Music Radio Show hosted by Ben Moss a.k.a. Benny Pecoraio and Ralf GUM on one of almost 50 stations worldwide and get a glimpse of their musical attitudes.


100 Deep House Workout Music
Martin Lacroix, 2W Tools, Niko De Luka, The Deep Project One, Junior Freak, Nuff Said, Funkadeluxe, Teddy Richards, Pearls Of Ibiza, Studio15, Eddy Chrome, The 80, Javi Ortiz, David Eye, Alex Martinez, Kalena Project, Radion, No Panties Allowed, Facture, Goki, Pumuq, DJ Denys, Yatsomat, Osictone, Symphocat, G. Mojo, Con Candy, DJ Patt, Fun & Richie, Sven Dedek, Dustom, Zweiklang, Dj Latinmix, Sande, Johanna Norstrom, Jose Diaz, Rydm, Polina, Zemtsov, Paul Loraine, Robert Cashin, Plastic, Dave K, The Morphoders, Roman König, Jj Momment, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Trademark, Monsters At Work, Sofa Tunes, Paul Sureno, The Groovelab, Rik Elmont, Corey Baker, Colin John, Andrew Banner, Ben Moss, Double Dash, Kel Quadrant, Jannova, Double Dee, Kinetic P, Hermanos, Platino, Grant Eq, Motivacao, Constadine Marousopoulos, Audiowerk, Minimal Lounge, Brett Knacksen, Enric Ricone, Nvlope, Dop Q, An Drum, Mora Matteo, DME Project, Alosnoc, David Girona, Olesya Astapova, Ulmost DJs, Will Wee, Kris Rebreak, Rokyourboots, Faktor-X, Hectro Couto, Morris, DJ Chrixx, Marco Klose, Whilo, Deep Raw, Evgeny Light, Mr. Luke, Fred Del Mar, Frankman, Jay Eff, Pitch Twit, Luvless, David Cluster, Digital Peoples, Pupo Pantskhava, Christian Lange, Ajc, Vagrant Freaker, Roni Be, Tomel, Jitzu, Scope (Ric McClelland), Eulises Gonzales, Mike Marshall, Romanto, Out Of The Drum, Antonio Santoro, Double Deep, Rob Hayes, Matthew Gill, Lars Von Licht, Alex Motofunk, Gerald Peklar, Saibot, Oiram, Frankman
Workout Music Service | 2014-11-14