- Belier & Ribass


Two latin guys identied with the word "Sabor".
Borned in 1987 and 1996 respectively in Mexico City, these brothers decided to manifest their love to the latin rhythms and electronic music make his own thing, adopting genres like Tech House, Minimal and Techno. 
In 2019 they came to the world presenting his "latin thing" in the iconic Armada SBJK of Armin Van Buuren, selected by Chus & Ceballos. Since 2015, his music has reached all corners on the world.
It have been signed by labels such as Armada SBJKT, Low Groove, Harvibal, Witty Tunes and many others. 
Listen to his music, probably you will join to the people who support his job along with others like Marco Carola, Raumakustik, Chus & Ceballos, The Deepshakers, Reboot, and many others... Shut up ! Just Dance !