- Beatnostic


"It's the feeling, and we create it" - Timon said in an interview for the Thurgauer Kulturmagazin back in 2015. We didn't knew then that this would be the slogan o f our career. After we played the first festivals in summer of 2015 we played on m ore and more events. Today our sound is on every dancefloor in Constance.We're also active in the studio. Our most successful song "Illuminati" was produc ed in collaboration with live-musicians. in 2016 we signed our first record deal at Polyrock Studios London. Our music is always progressing and we're working on a new genre called "PSYDM", a crossover between Psytrance and Big Room.We try our best to support other artists and encourage others to do the same, be cause we love to try new things and work with other artists. That's why we stand for the local support and speak out against rivalry in the DJ community. Also we have hosted several benefit events to raise money. For example a kindergarden.