Biagio was born in Foggia in 1993 and he started getting fond of music at the age of eleven. With the passing of time,Biagio learns more and more about the "world of the night" and about DJ's. he keeps improving his "know how" in the musical field and after playing at several private parties he starts working in discos and public places. Here his skills improve considerably and Biagio manages to make himself appreciated for all that he expresses in each of his live sets. He has a charismatic personality in search of new sounds and rhythms for his audience; he loves good music and he tries to convey emotions as much as possible while playing. He goes on improving himself all the time and tries to keep up-to-date to satisfy every demand; therefore he owns the most modern equipment,so that his performances can be as satisfactory as possible; he is therefore a "complete" DJ. In these last years Biagio has frequently worked at the disco "Domus" and others: here he got the opportunity to perform in front of quite a lot of people. At the end of the year 2010 he approaches musical production and works with several labels; in December 2011 he starts his own label “Chapeau Music” which is a full time activity by now. Thanks to this experience Biagio has considerably improved his production both in quality and in quantity and he has got in touch with a lot of interesting musicians all over the world. At the moment he is working on his Album which is very demanding work.