- Bates Belk


Bates Belk is a global recording artist and music producer whose high energy, boundary-pushing songs and remixes have moved international audiences on dance oors in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and USA audiences in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. In 2015, after 20 years of solely being based in New York City, Bates relocated to Berlin, Germany, where he continues to operate BB3 Dynamics Records LLC. On 18 October, 2019, Bates will be releasing the rst single from his debut album that was written and recorded in Berlin. The rst single, entitled "Euphoria", is a celebration of sexual and gender uidity. With a classic high-energy acid house vibe, the electronic dance single salutes all the people in the world whom stand for the resisting of gender and sexual oppression and whom represent sex positivity. Taking recorded eld sound samples of euphoric voices of gender-bending clubgoers and acclaimed free-thinking Berlin-based performance artists at such legendary Berlin alternative cult parties like the Gegen Party at KitKatKlub, the CockTail d’Amore Party at Griessmuehle Club, the Buttons Party at ://about blank Club and the Pornceptual Party at Alte Münze Club, Bates created lively and anthemic energy for “Euphoria”...taking inspiration from all the unique people that performed on the song. The new Bates Belk album entitled "The Dark Spektrum", will be released in early 2020 which contains collaborations with over 50 Berlin-based artists. In late 2015, Bates globally released two Techno EPs. The rst Techno EP was released on 9 October, 2015 entitled Life Trichotomy containing a selection of philosophically-based theatrical Techno compositions written in Berlin, New York and London. The second Techno EP was released on 13 November, 2015 entitled Life Trichotomy Reincarnated – The Remixes containing songs remixed by other artists from the Life Trichotomy EP.