- Baruc


Young Dj/Producer and electronic music lover from Segovia (Spain). He was 12 when he started to feel the attracction of a stile of music that was not good enough accepted in his zone. he was 16 he got a new Technics turntables and a new mixer. Then He fell in love of electronic music scene. He was resident Dj during a few years of a legendary club in Segovia (Carpe Diem) where He was playing with huge national and international artist like Oscar Mulero, Cristian Varela, Ben Sims, Takaaki Itoh and more. Soon, He give his next step to music production and labels like Deep Tech records, Psicodelica, Kootz music, Twoowls rec, 808 Recordings, Conceptuel Records, Tempura Records, 9095 Music pay attention on his music.The depth can be emotional, it's the case of Baruc and their interpretation and vision of electronic music. Flirts with breaks sound density and infinite pad