- Barbitura


Superstar DJ and bad boy number 1: DJ Dan (Barbitura). One of the first Russian original B-Boys at 80-s. Dan formed the first Russian boys band Malchishnik. It combined usual boys band appearance with hip-hop, nasty lyrics and punk attitude. It was rough and dirty.The Father of Russian Breakbeat. DJ Dan made the 1st radio show about jungle/breakbeat music. He played all around Russia on the biggest raves, perfecting his dj skills and working hardly for recognition. The 1st Russian vinyl release on his own label Dan Jet Records got seal of approval and was played that times by the biggest UK DJs. Then Dan formed new side project Barbitura and released 6 more albums stepping more into breaks and leftfield territory and making live shows with his band all over the Russia. Barbitura albums were nominated as Albums of The Year. Dan was also nominated at as a DJ, remixer and producer every year in Russia and got the Best Russian DJ Award in ’99 and and the Best Remix Award in 2000.