- Banez


Banez is a person who decided to connect different people with different character, through unordinary music and to show the world that everyone has their own mask. To some, his mask is creepy, while to others it’s funny, but the truth lies in another story...Once upon a time there was a young boy. Considering his age you could say that he was a teenager, whatever that meant. He was a good and calm person who enjoyed life and he loved doing nice but sometimes dangerous things. One day he discovered the guitar which from that moment won over his heart, but after a long period of time that passion began to fade. He was a individualist and didn’t know to work in a group, but the passion towards the music itself was really strong and because of that he decided to try to do all the work by himself. That was the moment when he started to make synthetic music. That made him feel very happy, but people in his surroundings didn’t feel the same. He lived in place where people didn’t want to help someone improve himself because they were very selfish. To him that wasn’t important and it didn’t affect his intention to do what he loves, because of one very simple reason. That passion was very strong! Some people with twisted minds, found out that poison words didn’t scratch him and so they decided to use force to show their disaffection towards someone who simply, did what he loved doing. One gloomy night when the boy was going home, a group of peers ambushed him behind a burned down building and put a weird Sack over his head. He could not defend. He was outnumbered. When the Sack was on his head he felt a strong punch and fellas leep.When he opened his eyes he couldn’t see much. He only saw light beams which pierced through the small holes of the Sack, and felt that something is strangling him. It didn’t hurt, he just had the feeling as if he was floating in the air because he didn’t feel the ground under his feet. He couldn’t remove the Sack for it was pinched around his neck. He shuddered and after a while he heard the cracking of the rope above his head. At that moment the ground uplifted and he fell down. The Sack was still firmly pinched around his neck. Kneeling, he tried to palpate the way out. Suddenly he cut himself and realized it was a piece of glass.An idea struck his mind to use the glass to cut the Sack, but he realized that could be difficult because the Sack was very firm so he decided to cut a hole for his right eye. When he cut out the hole and looked through it, he saw that he was standing in front of a big mirror and instantly his heart began to pound heavily and for the first time he felt so scared. He saw that the thing pinching the Sack to his neck was actually a rope with which he was hanged!Aside the fear, he was very confused because he didn’t know where he was or how he was alive but he didn’t have time to think about it. T he light became brighter and brighter, so he had to close the eye that was looking through the hole of the Sack. When he opened the eye, the sun was glowing through the slides of the shutters of his room. Now he was even more scared and confused. He still couldn’t remove the Sack and didn’t know what was going on. Was it all a dream or... Confused, he got out of his bed and looked around realizing with certainty that it was his room.As he got up he dumbstruck. At that moment his ran into the room, hugged him, kissed him in to the forehead and said that everything was going to be alright and that the wound on the head would heal. The boy didn’t say a thing. He got back to bed looking at his own reflection in the mirror across the room. His mother covered him and went out while he remained staring.At that moment he realized that nor did his mother nor did the reflection recognize the Sack on his head!After some time he was miserable and everything was hateful to him, knowing that he was the only one who could see the Sack, but that wasn’t the end of the story. However he wasn’t the only one who saw the Sack, other people who had split personality and never expressed their feelings could also see the Sack. Some were terrified when they saw the boy while others found it funny but neither asked him why he had the Sack on his head. T hen he decided to draw a smile on his Sack and name himself Banez!He decided to use strong bass, interesting tones and sharp composition to show everyone they should accept themselves with or without the Mask.