- Ballista


"Since he started DJing at age 18, and having switched over from being a metal drummer, dubstep has always been the genre of electronica that gives Ballista a sufficing head-bang. Dabbling with production software and playing around on beginner turn-tables, he realized what needed to be done, and studied Audio Engineering at Okanagan College. Having spent countless hours upon a computer screen trying to create the next monolith that he will drop, Ballista has no fear in building any genre of electronica, while still managing to keep them all fused with his style.Ballista combines the heaviest grime and uplifting melodies to create a truly heavy and hard hitting experience for the listener. Ballista has had the honor of sharing the stage with acts such as Vaski, Mark Instinct, Bar 9, Chaosphere, AC Slater, Bryx and many other incredible local DJs in the Interior.After many late nights producing, Ballista sent out his single to a few record labels, and surprisingly, was signed to the first label he sent the track too. Monkey Dub Recording, (reigning out of Quebec) really liked the work they heard, and scheduled "Ransom" to be released on beatport.com and various other sites late 2010. After a few more tracks had been built, and a suitable sound was discovered, Ballista decided to send in his finally finished debut EP called "Boombox Bangers Volume 1." to the dub monkeys down in Quebec. The release is to be scheduled soon, and hoping at least one song on it breaks the Top #100 on dubstep for beatport."