- Bag Raiders


alian electronic pop duo Bag Raiders hone their production and songwriting craft to develop album #2, they continue to make club music in tandem. Being a strong part of Chris Stracey and Jack Glass’ DNA, these repetitious meditations are a deeply satisfying process. The immediacy and excitement of two lethal tracks has prompted a standalone EP, breaking their release drought with cross-continental dancefloors in the crosshairs.The derailed tropics of Nairobi rings as the unwitting Snake Charmer sequel, chugging along with undulating synth lines and percussive eruptions.An express that rips right through the crowds, collecting everyone in its path. Savannah submerges with intricate sonar beat patterns that pulse in four dimensions. Building fog blacks out the strobe as tension rises, only to dissipate when the periodic drops trigger a sweet release.On the remix front, Bag Raiders recruit two producers who dismantle the existing stems and really make it their own. Zombie Disco Squad roughs up Nairobi into his penetrating ghetto-house while Melbourne lab rat Roland Tings sends Savannah deep sea with a stroke of elegant minimal tech that’s designed for the Panorama Bar.Without spoiling the imminent arrival of album material, the Nairobi / Savannah EP circles back to the dynamic club tracks that first put Bag Raiders on the map.