- Bad Employees


On the surface, Bad Employees make you want to dance or jump around, but McComas explains “the songs serve as outlets for anything that makes us feel helpless: consumerist debt, the corporate system, even small town gloom, but paired with the easily-accessible beats and melodies, the whole thing’s not so dismal.” Not so dismal indeed, in fact, you may just have the time of your life venting frustrations at a Bad Employees show. As opposed to just simply listening to their CD the live experience offers audiences more. A typical performance is in itself not at all typical, since songs are modified from night to night. The liveaspect also showcases a visual artistic side. Projected on stage are atomic explosions, skeletal x-rays, and orchestrated shapes and colors that pulsate with each note. Sound and vision unite as the two employees take you on a visceral journey that is equal parts performance art and big-beat rock show.