- B.E.N.


There's not many people who stick it out through thick and thin to get where they want in this industry, but when they can achieve that and carry on going from there-on upwards, that shows true dedication. B.E.N. is set in the ways of doing what he does for the love of it, always looking to the future to try and bring something new, yet innovative to the table. A DJ career heading on 8 years, starting from rock-bottom at the tender age of 13 years old has has enabled B.E.N. to develop his ways and gain sheer amounts of valuable experience. With a whole host of capabilities, his extended arm includes being the owner of 2 popular record labels in the form of Total Digital Recordings and Mainframe Recordings, as-well as heading up as A&R / PR for Fektive Records. Furthermore he hosts his own radio shows on DI.FM, Afterhours.fm and ETN.fm. Choosing a style of music that is true to himself and not stepping in the exact footprints of others has resulted in B.E.N. playing in almost every corner of the world and having an ever popular production discography with releases on some of the most upstanding labels in the scene, such as; J00F Recordings, Armada Music & Coldharbour Recordings. B.E.N.'s dedicated work over the years has been recognized by many and he has found solid supporters in the likes of; John 00 Fleming, Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren and Tiesto to name but a few. With an ever growing list of supporters, most importantly, on the dance-floors, the dedication and sheer amounts of hard work do pay off in ways which are unexplainable. When you enjoy what you do and love giving something back to the people who support you wherever you go, that's the pleasure of this game and B.E.N. delivers every time for the sheer love of it.


Coldharbour 100 - 100th Release Celebration
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Armada Music Bundles | 2010-07-28