- Avidus


Within the last years, the two gentlemen behind Avidus, Marc Wolf and Fritz Wagner, have been able to build a reputation within the international music industry out of their hometown Kiel. With releases on Tale of Us’ Afterlife Recordings, Monkey Safari’s Hommage, Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels and their own label Empore Music, their works have found support by many of the dance music industry’s renowned artists. Major influences for their music emerge from their duality: While both unite as instrumentalists, their approaches to search and experiment in jams differ signicantly: Marc, being the designated and longstanding DJ, not only draws inspiration from playing and digging for music but also from his self-taught experiences as a drummer and guitarist; Fritz as an autodidact of piano is always interested in improving his skills, spending nights reading about music theory and composing to use later on in his live sets. In the studio, they combine both worlds, eagerly working on new Avidus material whenever they can. Within their growing Empore label family, Fritz and Marc try to keep doing what they do and not to loose the high standards they’ve had since day one. With the next releases lined up and the plan for a brand new live act, there is a lot to look forward to...