- Autorall


With one foot in rock (Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots), another in electronic (The Crystal Method, Massive Attack, The Prodigy) and neurons filled by Brazilian cultural pluralism - from Titãs to Chico Science & Nação Zumbi - mixing break beats with urban poetry - the musician and producer Paulo Rocha started Autorall, which expresses a legitimate fusion of these influences. The project started in 2007, the year that Paulo left his hometown (Santos / SP - Brazil) and moved to São Paulo, the largest city of Brazil, in search of new horizons, embracing the big city as his new home and inspiration for his urban, incisive and multidisciplinary art. Recording all the instruments (guitars, bass, synths and vocals) in 2011 released the EP "Shake The Paranoia" and has performed in a lot of clubs in São Paulo as Kitsch Club, Matilha Cultural, Sonique Club, Outs Club among others. Currently Autorall performs monthly at Kitsch Club (São Paulo, SP, Brazil) a t "Festa Carroussell” (Carroussell Party), one of the coolest and influential parties of the city. The lyrics refer to common themes to the collective unconscious, as the paranoia of modern society, including the loss and recovery of identity (you're what you think and produce, and NOT just what YOU HAVE ), the recovery of positive thoughts and ideas of its own, environmental awareness (global warming) and many other data in the proactive beings and their minds full of restless, creativity.