- Audit


Audit and his Audited Beats have been at the music game since he first picked up a recorder in 4th grade and playeda mean version of hot cross buns. But things really came around at age 12 with drumming and rock’n’rolls divine influence. Upon 16 he picked up some shotty direct drive turntables, some good hip hop records and went from there. Now spinning for 11 years,Audit’s music and dj’ing is spanning the globe, with releases on fine labels such as, Goodgroove, East records, Punchout, and Loop recordings. Having held residency’s in Canada, New Zealand and Grand Cayman he continues to play a wide variety of music, catering to whatever the party people need to get down, be it funk, hip hop, dubstep, breakbeat, or party techno bangers! One things for sure you can expect a mixed bag(or hard drive) of tunes all blended into one session of solid music.His remixes have been played by likes of, Askillz, NickT hayer, Ali.B, Smalltown Djs , Mat the Alien, DJ Yoda, Dj P, Fort Knox Five, Dj Prosper, QDUP Foundation,.....basically there’s a lot of peeps playing his floor rocking tunes, and theres more to come!