- Audiosnack


He was born in Brandenburg and started making music in 1996. Equipped with 2 technics and one mixer (battlemixer) it has been kicked off. First, he was just playing around but he soon developed a passion for music. On the day of the millennium change he had his first gig in “Heizwerk Brandenburg”. He has fast created his own style, a mix of classic and current songs. To this day, he has played numerous gigs, such as: Portal Brandenburg, Crystal Night Brandenburg Cockpit Schönhagen Altes Lager Jüterbog Struktur der guten Töne Stubenrocker Under Pressure Sky Club Pavillon Berlin Friedrichshain Havelfe(e)tischisten Ruderclub Berlin Mitte Centrum Berlin Mama Berlin JC-Golzow Princehall Potsdam M-BIA Fateclub HDO Elebemedien TV (Alphabeatz) Contests & Releases: 1999 Dj Contest Winner – “D&D Records” 2010 Release “Egodrums – Rush (AudioSnack Remix) 2010 Release “Journey Into The Sound” on Deichkind Dj Your Life Compilation 3 In 2002, some friends and himse lf arranged the event “Havelfe(e)tischisten” which are house music parties on a boat. Resulting from a spontaneous idea, this event is still hip in Brandenburg and beyond it. Local DJs such as Yutanie (D-D Records), S.P.U (D-D Records), Wuffi and Freak (Audiohackers) as well as the Twinpitcher from Magdeburg (Diamantbrauerei) and many more have provided for the adequate sound on the Havel.