- Audio:Punx


In 1995 Doc Ollinger and RakaRafi began with the production of electronic music. Even then the unmistakeable mix of driving techno-beats paired with elements from all other electronic styles was the brand name of the combo. After a longer break both producers teamed up again in the year 2004 under the name "AUDIO:PUNX", to breath new live in the modern electronic scene. The typical style mix of "AUDIO:PUNX", the unconventional way to bring different electronic music elements together as well as the musical freedom reflect not only the meaning of the name, but also define the brand name of the "AUDIO:PUNX". Every song includes driving beats, powerful bass lines, unique vocals and emotional passages that guarantee the right mood and euphoria on the dance floor. The "AUDIO:PUNX" successfully mix up minimal-, tech-house-, techno- or even Goa elements to their own style without ever losing sight of the club suitability of all their tracks.