- Audex


Dj/Producer Los Angeles, CaBrent Stockton, better known as Audex, is a Music Producerand DJ who uncovered a strong passion for electronicmusic over a decade ago. Early in his career he hosted as aDrum N Bass MC for some of southern California's biggestraves such as Monster Massive, Electronic Music Festivaland Fresh.In 2005, he got his first set of turntables and was introducedto house music by some friends. The sound was vastlydifferent from his first love, drum n bass. Brent quicklystarted to appreciate all forms of electronic music. He foundhimself digging through house records on a weekly basis athis local record shop. After a year of perfecting his mixingskills, he started spinning house music locally at nightclubsand bars. His talent landed him gigs at premiere Hollywoodand Las Vegas nightclubs.After multiple years as a DJ, he decided to focus his energyinto creating his own sound and attended Icon Collective inLos Angeles. Shortly after Brent's time at Icon, he teamed upwith his good friend and created his first project, Pillage T heVillage. Their first EP, signed to Cold Blank's Burn T he FireRecords, quickly broke Beatport's Top 100 charts andreached #6 overall. After two Top 100 EP releases, Brentdecided to start his solo project - Audex.Over the last few years his music has been embraced bythe likes of Laidback Luke, Morgan Page, Andy Caldwell,Bass Kleph, Stafford Brothers, M35, Peace Treaty, ColdBlank, The Shiny Toy Guns, Le Castle Vania and manymore.