- Audax Gray


AudaX Gray is an italian electronic music dj producer. His ear for music born when he was just a child and his father loved to listening to the classical music on the turntable, spreading all those magic notes into the home.When he was just thirteen years old he approached to the deejaying world spellbound by the work of mixing between tracks made in his favorite dance music compilations like "Hit Mania Dance". He has never stopped to learn and listen to the music and his passion has grown with him.In 2016 he published his first remix: "Havana - Vita Bella" with his historical name "dj dream".In 2017 he released the remix of "PreciousLand - Scars" under his new alias "AudaX Gray" which rapidely was published in "Hit Parade Dance - Roxy" Compilation by HIT MANIA.