- Attwork


Simon Teunissen (C-Mon) and Valentijn Langeveld (Valentine), dj & producer duo from the Netherlands and know each other for 15 years now. Their friendship started when Simon stepped into a room where Valentijn was mixing some records, he played some UK Garage 12 inches records and that was like eargasm to Simon. Since that day the only thing they could talk about was music. They were having their own style of house music, Simon played up-tempo and oldskool tracks, Valentine played the funky side of house.Since the last 6 years they started their 'new style engines' and drove straight into the Deephouse and TechHouse streets of Dance music. In October 2010 they started playing and producing under the name AttWork. A Deep style with 'ups' and 'downs'. That's the reason that you'll find two typical AttWork styles in their discography lists; "DeepHouse, DeepTech and TechHouse tracks; Jazz & Soul influences, sophisticated vibes, deep beats & basses, rhythmical percussion, danceable & chilling, the perfect mix!" Their motto: "Music is the basic line in life, it doesn't matter what style, just enjoy it!"