- Atom Sessions


Atom Sessions, an Electronic & Psychedelic solo project envisioned by Fernando Hood, in Late 2015.Often Described "Chillout", Atom Sessions explores and has been Heavily inspired on IDM, Downtempo, Drone, Uptempo, Dub, Electronica, BigBeat, BreakBeat, Techno and too many more to mention.Fernando is a long time producer and artist that has been involved in numerous projects from music production to Graphic Design & Artwork, always trying to push the envelope, creativity and delivering something pleasantly different.There are some things you can expect from Atom Sessions, from interesting and unique bits of sound design, Deep Baselines, ever evolving beats, melancholic melodies mixed with complex melodic arrangements and phrases!All these elements create the signature Sound of Atom Sessions, of Alien like Sonic Landscapes breathing with life and personality. Always exploring a wide array of tones, Technics and genres with no strict boundaries.