ASTR is an electronic/alternative duo(band) from New York City. Blending electronic music, cinematic themes and pop melodies, they have created a sound that balances the fine line between underground dance and indie cool. Described as “sexy, electronic yet eerie” their brand of “dark pop” has been compared to The Weeknd and Robyn.Led by Zoe Anna (singer/lyric writer) and Adam (producer/music writer), they began co-writing together in 2010. The two met through a common interest in music, parties and philosophy. After writing songs for other artists, they began experimenting with catchy hooks and unconventional lyrics. Complemented by homemade sounds, movie score and a dash of dubstep, their sleek interpretation of pop is unique and infectious.Most recently, ASTR has digitally released their first single, “Razor,” an edgy yet danceable pop track. A strong response to the song has begun to open doors for more shows in New York City and possibly overseas. ASTR is currently writing more songs which will follow shortly.