- Arthur Keen


Arthur Keen is a Producer, DJ and a Live Performer. With many years of experience in London Underground Scene as a dj and Poison Agency which has been running and organising events in the Capital of UK and Europe Arthur had a chance to be at the very front of the scene and it's changes. In 2008 Arthur decided to step down from promoting events and focused in supporting his Republic Artist residency and a hosting a weekly Techno Show in one of the London’s radio stations. With the time and drive to do more and more he pushed in to becoming a Live Performer he is today. With unique approach and experimental spirit his ambition is to create his own stamp in electronic scene. As a Republic Artist resident at the moment you can catch him playing in various venues in London. As a producer he works very hard at the moment to build up his reputation as an innovative and adventures artist who isn’t afraid to push the limits and his sound in to a new exiting directions. His music is a mixture of deep underground grooves from techno, electronica and tech house with dark melodic blends . Fascination it technology and futuristic designs makes him always looking ahead in his journey in to the sound.