- Armida


Armida is a House and Techno DJ/producer from San Miguel, El Salvador.Since 1997 he started with his passion for music, listening to a variety of genres like Nu-Metal, Folk and Country. However, Electronic & Dance changed this. In 1999 he listened to The Chemical Brothers' single "Out Of Control", wich opened his mind to a new sound and musical taste. Listening to artists like Crystal Method, Gigi D'Agostino, Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk among others, he focused on E&D mainly, but always having influences from other genres and musical cultures.In 2007 he started his first musical productions on different DAWs, learning by himself on that time. Through the years he developed a unique style of production, creating House music with minimalistic percussions and influences from Progressive House, Deep House and Techno. Being mainly a remixer rather than a producer, Armida is always looking for new sounds and influences to create innovative tracks mostly oriented to the dancefloor.In 2010 he founded "Sound & Motion" along with YetTken, a non-profit netlabel that releases Experimental Techno and House music. In 2011 he got signed by Tainted Buddah Recs and now he's releasing his best tracks on Beatport, JunoDownload and other digital stores, while maintaining his netlabel with the best free music (and some of his own work).2012 has been a great year for Armida so far, as his DJ career has also developed and gotten bigger. He has been invited for several guest mixes on radioshows like Cue Sessions, Electric Show series by Electric Wave Records, T-House Radioshow, A State Of Techno by JC Bliss and featured on podcasts like Sonarvoid Podcast, DJ In Sivar Podcast and Sivar Stage Podcast. In this year he has released his first succesful commercial DJ Mix called "Broaden" on Beatport Mixes, which has been downloaded all around the world. Also expecting his first EP on Tainted H Y M, sublabel of Tainted Buddah Recs, the end of this year will mark a new beginning on Armida's career.