- Armando Vazquez


Armando Vazquez, Madrid 1972, became interested in electronic music in the late '80s in their hometown, when Madrid began a new musical revolution of the hand of the best artists of the time, and visiting the most emblematic rooms capital, and it was there where he began playing at various venues around town.But not until after a few years, and moving to southern Spain, exactly in the Andalusian capital, Seville, where up residence from year 90, and that's where his career started until today.When it comes to Seville, is influenced by the sounds more pointers capital of Spain, sound reaching the audience very well, having very good acceptance. Techno and Trance sound of the time, which had revolutionized Madrid, and its quintessential art, make this new musical concept is well received.In 2000, begins in Seville resident in one of the most emblematic halls of the capital, "Cathedral Club", "Weekend" is thereafter when he starts rubbing shoulders with good artists, getting to work with the best national dj.Click on rooms as "Kadock" (Algarve, Portugal), "Kapital" (Madrid), Discoteque (BCN), "Industry" (Bilbao) etc. ..And in that same year when he starts his career as a producer, creating with Marcos Cruz, "Desertica Rec" which was broken long ago, and focusing and a more serious style and personal as Tech-House, Tribal House and Deep House.His first vinyl release was Tribo hand, sub-seal formation conocidísima Stereo Records.And to this day has not stopped producing and continues to innovate and develop their own style