- Arealliferebel


Where there’s pain, you’ll find loss. Where there’s sacrifice, you’ll find struggle. And, where there’s ambition, you’ll find audacity. Welcome to the world of ArealLifeRebel. ArealLifeRebel (Hamaas Khaalis) comes from a strong genetic line of strength, courage, and wisdom. His music reflects not only his life, but the lives of his fans. ArealLifeRebel connects with his fans on a level that has helped him generate a buzz that keeps them requesting for more. With limited resources and pockets full of determination, ArealLifeRebel released the ground-breaking “Poverty EP.” He then released singles “The Best,” “Flashlight,” and most recently “Blow My Mind.” These singles quickly became fan favorites. ArealLifeRebel truly produces music for his fans and believe in having a direct connection with his growing fan base. He lets his fans decide if his new music is “Hot or Not” by distributing it through channels such as Soundcloud, Twitter, and Youtube. This strategy enables his fans to provide valuable feedback directly to ArealLifeRebel. This type of two-way communication allows him to build meaningful connections and to create music that his fans truly want to hear. As a leader, ArealLifeRebel is never afraid to experiment with his sound and to take risks. He understands that sometimes we must step out of our comfort zones to stay notches above the competition. Currently, ArealLifeRebel is seeking opportunities to begin touring around the world. Him and his fans agree that it’s time for him to expand his message on a much larger platform. Through all his years of hardship, ArealLifeRebel has learned what it means to fall down and get back up. He values life because he has experienced the loss of it. His passions are fuel for him to make a difference with what he knows best….. And, that is through MUSIC!


Viper, Basskiller, Luv Maschine, Shureshotz, Eygency, Audiophile 021, Arealliferebel, The Dubsection, Alien Pimp, King Hookiss, Leonardo Da Vinyl, Almamegretta, Brian Brainstorm, Nicolas Bourbaki, Biscope, Mr.Boogie, Spektrum-Gebeit, Gliytch, 7Too, Butterfly Crash, Binary, Basstiraden, Callan Maart, TKR, Numerical, Miroslav Vrlik, Fr33m4n, Hillberg, Divkid, Teielte, Venometrix, The Mass Brothers, Skillexx, NLP, Brothers Grinn, Sabata, Haunted Code, Mr. Bong, Animal Mother, Candy Shop, Alexxi, H!B Hop, Mike Goldberg, William Burstedt, Alexis Phade, Melodik, M-force, Kinetical Mc, Tenrec, Letherdive, Lab Of Music, Bob Lee, Tomtation, Philomena, Bipper, Mr. Fu, Tom Tesla, Alex Milex, High Dudes, Quba, X-Shok, Wizcutz, I Carl, Gantcho, Red Glow, Enigmatic Euphoria, The Autobots, Mokushi, No Limits Project, Mashtoko, Red Flood, Mistah Nerf, Nikolai Stolz, Steve Mazagatti, Hansel Thorn, Last Hope, Exabreak, Durty Bassette, Scanner Dubz, Unbloomed, Zentoy, Power, Bass Estate, Cybrq, Algoreythm, X-Stylez, Two-m, Eridanus, Brain Rock, Keisha, Vegas House, Psylocyber, Frozen Smoke, Dario Synth, April Raquel, Classi, Eyesman, Bukez Finezt, Tumor, Voidh, Sadhu, Forensics, Aquaforce, Kanedubstep, Freak Slaughter, Nomurai, Urenga, The Ramaboy, Plicherss, Orbeat, Crootz, Dub Lemon, Shu, Edna, Sqz Me, Cookie Monsta, BadKlaat, Pinju, Genetix, Skydro, Foolskape, Chez D'floor, DJ Kayowa, Fukk Up!, King Hookiss, Arealliferebel, FP in Dub, Brian Brainstorm, Miretz, Relate, Kanedubstep, 12Th Canvas, Liver, Soulskream, Audiophile 021, Grubby, Captcha Bless, Gimbal, Sinan, FeTOo, Balkansky, Statelapse, Dubapes, Animal Mother, Mode Orchestra, JPhelpz, Hillberg, Skrillberg, D-Jahsta, Basstiraden, Dubtek, Tom Encore, Oicho, Undershell, Kommander Keen, Chanda Ngoi, I&I Productions
Hooki-Sonic Recordings | 2015-02-27